Suzanne Collier Public Relations offers a number of public relations services, ranging from writing to communications planning to media relations, all without the cost structure associated with full-service agencies, and we strive to meet the specific business needs of each individual client with specialized programs. Whether we're creating contributed articles and commentaries written by corporate executives, or executing media relations activities for an upcoming product launch, Suzanne Collier Public Relations can be counted on to get the job done on time and within budget

Services we provide include:
  Strategic Support Editorial Services
  Media Corporate Communications
  Integrated Marketing  


Strategic Support

  • Message platform development
  • Product positioning

Often, product positioning and messaging requires an objective third-party to assist a company in getting to the heart of its communications strategy and message platform. At Suzanne Collier Public Relations, we can work with you to provide a sounding board for your corporate and product-related messages, and assist you in developing a position that will differentiate you from your competition and help you gain acceptance in the marketplace.(back to top)


  • Media outreach
  • Press conferences
  • Review programs
  • Media tours
  • Influencer list development
  • News Coverage Analysis

Relationship building with key members of the press and analyst communities is the cornerstone for a successful public relations campaign. Without these third-party endorsements, your communications program will never achieve success in the marketplace. At Suzanne Collier Public Relations, we will establish a program that involves ongoing media outreach with your key press and analyst contacts and the development of targeted lists that include these key influencers. We will work with you to determine the most effective methods for reaching these contacts whether it is a press conference or media tour. We can also help you establish a successful product review program, and provide you with analysis of the news your company is receiving as a result of the media outreach programs.(back to top)

Integrated Marketing

  • Customer case study programs
  • Presentation development

Nothing demonstrates the success of your product or service better than a happy customer. At Suzanne Collier Public Relations, we will work with you and your customers to develop well-written, targeted case studies for internal and external distribution.

A key component of any outreach effort is a presentation highlighting the key points you will be discussing during a meeting, conference or roadshow. Suzanne Collier Public Relations can assist you in the development of presentation materials targeted for various audiences including the media, analysts, investors, employees, etc.(back to top)

Editorial Services

  • Press material
  • Press Kit Development
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Contributed articles

In sales and marketing, it is important to have written materials prepared to send to potential customers, investors and other interested parties. Public Relations is no different, and a set of well-written materials must be developed in order to successfully execute your communications campaign. Suzanne Collier Public Relations can assist you in developing a press kit that can be given to the media and analyst communities so that they may familiarize themselves with your company.

A press kit can include:

  • Your latest press releases
  • A corporate fact sheet – offers the editor a quick reference guide to your company
  • A corporate backgrounder – provides an overview of your company's history
  • Product and services fact sheets – quick reference on your company's developments
  • Biographies and photos for key executives

Suzanne Collier Public Relations can also assist you in the development of brochures, newsletters, white papers and contributed articles written by company personnel. (back to top)

Corporate Communications

  • Community relations
  • Speaker bureaus

Community outreach is another way for your company to gain recognition in its local community or industry. Suzanne Collier Public Relations can assist you in the development of communications programs surrounding any activities, such as the support of non-profit entities, within the community in which you do business.

Suzanne Collier Public Relations can also assist you in developing a speaker bureau by placing company executives and personnel as presenters at industry tradeshows and conferences, local business association meetings and conferences or other events.(back to top)